Live från WSOP 2014

    • 12:13 14 Nov

      Jerry Yang, världsmästare 2007

      "This is an awesome win for Sweden. Big congrats to Martin and Sweden. Martin played the final table with great style, patience and skills. He is a worthy champion indeed"
    • 12:04 14 Nov

      Robert "Koivulainen" Sihvonen - Koivu & Egons podcast

      "Martins prestation är tårframkallande underbar och jag tror vi precis har fått ett sådant klassiskt ögonblick som alla pokerfantaster kommer att minnas för alltid, vad man gjorde och vem man var med när det hela blev ett faktum. Galet mycket respekt till Martin för utförandet och resultatet, klanderfritt och makalöst hela vägen."
    • 11:13 14 Nov


    • 22:19 13 Nov

      Wigg intervjuar Martin för

      Ibland är ljudet underordnat. När Anton Wigg intervjuar nyblivne världsmästaren Martin Jacobson för med Michael Tureniec som filmare är det i sig ett stycke pokerhistoria.

    • 21:15 13 Nov

      Edgar Stuchly, President European Poker Tour

      "Many congrats on behalf of the whole EPT and PokerStars Live Events team. Very well done and very well-deserved. The team and myself are looking forward to seeing you in Prague. Best, Edgar"
    • 21:08 13 Nov

      Hermance Blum, General Manager WPT Europe

      "With such a promising start there was no doubt you were up to greater success ! Wonderful to see such kind and talented player finally rewarded, Congratulations on the big win, Martin!"
    • 21:07 13 Nov

      Jeff Sarwer

      "Martin Jacobson winning is no surprise to me (but soooo very happy for him!) since he is truly a "pro's pro". He constantly works very hard on his game and I have never met a thinking intelligent player who doesn't have the utmost of respect for his game, his consistency and professional approach he brings to the table. He is a perfect ambassador for the game of poker, since he is a true gentleman on and off the felt. He represents what it takes to be a world poker champion in this day and age, because it's only going to get harder, and in 10 years I predict most of the poker survivors will all be physically and mentally fit warriors who train like Martin, he is the prototype of the modern poker professional, 2015 version"
    • 21:03 13 Nov

      Peter Eastgate, världsmästare 2008

      "In contrast to last year's world champion, who personally felt like he was the best player in the world,  (I mean no disrespect), this year’s world champion is praised by an endless amount of well respected peers who think he is in a league of his own – that tells me he has to be among the best. Well deserved, Jacobson – although I was cheering for my friend Felix in the heads up."
    • 21:02 13 Nov

      Ben Wilinofsky, vinnare EPT Berlin 2011

      "At my very first EPT, I registered for a €500 1rebuy sattelite. I paid my buy-in online but I scrambled to find the rebuy, which had to be paid in cash. Some Swedish guy, who I had broken bread with the day before, but never really met, lent me, an unknown satty winner, 500 euro. It was an act of kindness, generosity, and stupidity that I hope he never repeated with random dolts he had just met again. I would see him on tour now and again, and a couple of years later, we made a final table together. He came fourth, in his third FT of the season, and I won. I thought I was hot shit and joked about him not being able to close. I was not hot shit. Turns out he can close."
    • 21:01 13 Nov

      Luca Moschitta

      "Martin Jacobson looks like a smart guy who spent many years studying the game and living with a healthy lifestyle. He is from Sweden, a country that i like a lot. I'm also happy top 3 of WSOP ME were all europeans. Well done mr. Jacobson!"


WSOP 2014

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Martin Jacobson

Vinnare av WSOP 2014 blev Martin Jacobson som tog hem förstapriset på $10000000.

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