Live från WSOP Finalbord 2009

    • 10:40 10 Nov

      2009-11-10 09:40:02

      WSOP: Moon 121 million, Cada 73 million. Moon just took another pot.
    • 10:40 10 Nov

      2009-11-10 09:40:02

      WSOP: Flop- 5c-7c-2h. Cada checks, Moon bets 5 million. Cada folds. Moon now at 124 mil- cada 70 mil
    • 08:23 09 Nov

      Update Pepernotenrace 7 november

      7 november

    • 16:21 08 Nov

      Cada Outdraws Saout Again to Eliminate Him!

      On the 276th hand of the day, during three handed play, Cada has the button. He opens the pot to $2.5 million. Antoine moves all-in over the top for near $40 million in chips. Moon folds his big blind, and Cada makes the call. Antoine is now in danger of being eliminated if his hand doesn't hold up.

      Fittingly enough for a major poker event, this huge hand will come down to the most classic of match ups, a coin-flip hand:


      Cada: As-Ks

      Saout: 8s-8h

      Cada's crowd was screaming for "Aces" while Saout's Section was cheering in French.

      The flop comes down...5h-4s-5c...and the crowd is silent as they await the turn card...

      Turn: 10d...still safe, and both sides seem equally nervous.

      The river slowly's the King of Clubs! Antoine finishes in 3rd place and leaves Moon and Cada for Monday's heads up match for the first place prize and the bracelet. Antoine loses his second monster pot against Cada going in as a favorite to win the hand! Heartbreaking!

      Antoine officially earns $3,479,670 for his remarkable efforts here in the Main Event, and takes a new found appreciation for poker in his home country of France! He can rest at least a little bit easier knowing that he's done France and Team Everest Poker proud!

    • 15:50 08 Nov

      Antoine Takes Brutal Outdraw!

      The first hand back from an impromtu break after Buchman's elimination, we already get a monster hand!

      Joe Cada started the fire with a bet of $2,550,000 from the small blind. Antoine quickly announced re-raise, and made it $7.3 million to go from the big blind. Cada answered back with an all-in, that Antoine called instantly!


      Cada: 2c-2s

      Saout: Qh-Qs

      Flop: 7 of spades....2 of diamonds....9 of spades!!!

      Cada has outdrawn the mighty Queens of Antoine!

      The rest of the board is a non-helpful 3h-6s, and Cada and Antoine have now effectively switched stacks!

      Updated Chip Counts:

      Joseph Cada - 78,600,000

      Darvin Moon - 75,775,000

      Antoine Saout - 41,425,000

    • 15:25 08 Nov

      Updated Chip Counts

      Updated Chip Counts:

      Antoine Saout - 80,650,000

      Darvin Moon - 75,925,000

      Joseph Cada - 39,225,000

    • 15:24 08 Nov

      Buchman Busted! 3 Players Remain

      Darvin Moon has the button and makes it $3 million to go. Buchman moves all in from the small blind. Moon shrugs, announces call.

      Moon Shrugs Off A Potentially Life-Changing Call!


      Buchman: Ad-5c

      Moon: Kd-Jd

      Flop: 2c-9h-Qc, nothing changed, except Moon picked up an inside straight draw.

      Turn: Kh!

      Moon outdraws Buchman and Buchman is now on the ropes!

      River: 5h and Buchman is Busted!

      Buchman performs the walk of shame!

      Buchman will take home $2,502,890 for 4th place, while we await the final 3 participants to get back in action.

      Moon offers some parting words for Buchman

      Darvin Moon now has approximately $76 million.

    • 15:03 08 Nov

      Antoine Wins Biggest Tournament Pot Yet!

      As the fans settled in and tried to keep warm in a cold and quiet theater, you got the feeling that a big moment would soon take place. Sure enough, that feeling did not disappoint, when a massive pot developed between Antoine and Buchman!

      It all started when Eric Buchman made it $2.5 million on the button, and Antoine Saout announces a re-raise from the big blind. Antoine cut out and then put in a re-raise totaling $9 million. Buchman reacted fast by moving all-in over the top for an additional $22 million.

      Buchman sends it in!

      Antoine was visibly in deep, deep thought...and it appeared likely that he had a major hand, but not one he necessarily wanted to send all in just yet. After the longest thinking period we have seen in the tournament, Antoine verbally announced "I call." The stacks were close, but it would ultimately be Antoine who was all-in for his tournament life!

      Tournament Officials verify the all-in of Antoine.


      Buchman: Ah-Qc

      Saout: Ad-Kc

      The flop comes 10h-7c-Kd, and the sea of blue soccer jerseys goes absolutely crazy with applause for their Frenchman!

      Saout Section Erupts!

      The turn pairs the board with the Kh, changing nothing, but the crowd is feeling the moment and erupts even louder into cheers!

      Once the 6d hits the river, a hug fest coupled with numerous high fives all around from the Saout Section, and we now have a runaway chip leader in Saout!!!

      With that pot Antoine has taken the poker elevator right to the top, stacked at $89,200,000, while Eric Buchman is left with just $9,800,000.

    • 14:32 08 Nov

      Antoine Tangles With Moon

      Antoine sits deep in thought about the proper play against Moon

      Moon raises it up to $2 million under the gun and Eric Buchman calls in position. Joe Cada folds in the small blind, and Antoine makes the call. We will see our first major 3-way pot.

      Flop: Ac-7d-10d.

      Antoine checks, Moon checks and Buchman bets $3 million.

      Antoine smooth calls, and Moon moves it all-in over the top. Buchman folds in quick and easy fashion, and Antoine begins to stare down Darvin Moon. Antoine is taking his time with this one, and 5 minutes or so later, Antoine decides to let it pass.

      This big pot actually propelled Moon slightly ahead of Antoine again, with 55,275,000 chips. Antoine is still stacked comfortably at $53,450,000.

    • 14:04 08 Nov

      Antoine's Antics

      Antoine In His Signature pose

      Buchman raises in position pre-flop to $2 million. Antoine calls out of the big blind.

      Flop: Qh-Jd-3s

      Antoine checks, Buchman bets $3 million. Antoine says the price is going up, and check-raises to 9,025,000. Buchman looks a bit disappointed, but immediately elects to fold.

      Antoine is not afraid to use maximum pressure to win pots, which is why he is becoming an exciting player to watch and root for at this final table.


WSOP Finalbord 2009


Joe Cada

Vinnare av WSOP Finalbord 2009 blev Joe Cada som tog hem förstapriset på $8 547 042.

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