stänger av spelare efter anklagelser om fusk.

Det var efter att High Stakes proffset Jeremy Ausmus förlorade heads up mot för honom en helt okänd spelare i $7 777 High Roller som han först levererade en syrlig kommentar på Twitter som följdes upp av en anmälan om att något inte stod rätt till.

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Eventet som avgjordes under oktober månad har nu nyligen briserat igen efter att fattat beslutet att stänga av vinnaren av $7 777 high roller Jared Strauss. Redan dagen efter förlusten postade Jeremy Ausmus en aningen syrlig tweet : 


Came up short in 2nd in the @WSOP $7777. Grats to Jared Strauss who I’d never heard of. He def played the best at the ft. I look forward to battling him in the live high rollers as it’s obv that’s where he belongs despite most his live results being in $60 south point birds.
7:53 PM · Oct 12, 2022
Jared Strauss försvarar sig givetvis även det via twitter : 

"Hi Twitter world so a lot of you people heard of my name by now, I’m Jared Strauss and I have some things to say! I recently won event #24 the $7,777 High Roller in the @WSOPonline bracelet series.
You may not of heard of me before this because I don’t often play a lot of in person HR events, I have played a handful of this exact online high roller though and some others over 3K BuyIn LvL, so it’s not my first rodeo, and yes also wsop online final table not to far back, let’s get that clear first of all!

I got beat up this past summer during WSOP and took a step back to work on my game. I’ve watched countless hours of poker for months as well as getting personal 1 on 1 private coaching. I felt it was time to get back in when WSOP had their what now seems to be an annual online bracelet series.
After making a deep run in the GG series Main Event and having other cashes I felt super confident and continued to the series.
I reached what most poker players strive and dream for and that is conquering and winning the coveted gold bracelet trophy, on top of that is was my birthday, I couldn’t ask for a better gift than that win! It was the most surreal and elated feeling I’ve had in my entire life.

Than what’s happens!!! I wake up the next morning to see @JeremyAusmus alluding that I must’ve of cheated, used RTA or that my account was ghosted (none the less by people I’ve never even spoken a word too).
Because why, he’s never heard of me!?!? Firstly, I’m not a big social media guy so that left me completely overwhelmed, for I’ve never dealt with a situation or allegation like that before, which instilled anger, frustration and defamation to my name.
I had a time set to be interviewed by @Normanchad in two days and was super pumped for it, with everything that was transpiring on twitter I felt like I needed to see where this was going to play out to as I didn’t receive my bracelet or my funds from the win yet.

The next day I played event #25 a $2,000 BuyIn and continued my heater finishing in 13th. However, the next afternoon I logged in to play event #26 the $3,200 six max, which I was super stoked for only to see my account was locked and suspended.
I immediately called WSOP to find out what the hell was going on and they didn’t tell me anything or give me a reason to as why it was banned.
I received a phone call the very next morning from WSOP and they asked me a ton of questions including hand history.
I answered and recollected most of what was asked and gave the best answers I could however many days it was after the win, keep in mind I played a ton of hands multi-tabling and playing other tourneys different days.
I waited over a week and they have now determined to permanently ban my account without reason, other than the pressure of the high roller community not knowing who I am influencing @WSOP business decision in this matter.

This is complete utter BS! I played my heart out that tournament, I had Dan Smith give me all his chips to me holding a boat in the early stages of the tourney and from that point on I got blessed with the deck holding with Aces in huge pots every time I got them dealt to me which was more than a handful of times, owning people with AK which I got more times than I could count, Etc. and from the beginning after getting a hold of the chip lead I never looked back, almost going wire to wire, with a little set back in the final table.
Not to mention @JeremyAusmus bluffing away his chips also to me heads up.

ANOTHER thing I would love to clear up, I’ve spent countless hours at various local casinos playing some table games or poker. South Point was one of them, for those giving me shit for playing at the Point, let’s firstly look at the time stamps of when most of those tourneys took place!
It was basically peak Covid when most casinos weren’t running any tournaments, I lived basically within walking distance to the Point and would go there with my local friends just to kick it and have something to do, playing at those stakes is just pure fun, so anyone whose mocked my poker career because I played there glad you had a kick by doing so, I hope you chuckled or at-least smiled while thinking about it.
All in all, although the experience was more than I dreamt of while actually doing it IRL, this twitter poker realm the next day really put a damper on my name and it wasn’t enjoyable nor were the next coming days fun seeing the like of people defaming my name.

On the plus side I saw a lot of positive comments where people saw it from my POV and sent over good vibes my way!
For that I say TYVM it was much needed for me during that time. The reason it took me so long to come out with a statement is because firstly I wanted to see where twitter world was taking this whole situation and more importantly I wanted to wait to receive my much warranted gold bracelet and attain the money that came with it!!!

Watch out poker world I’m here for the long haul and coming for every first place."

Det finns så klart flertalet sidor på detta då delvis knappast bara fattar ett beslut som detta utan att ha på fötterna men samtidigt känns det hela väldigt olustigt för Jared så klart.
Att bli stämplad som "fuskare" och samtidigt inte få "bevis" framlagt så man har en chans att försvara sig är inte bara svagt utan också något som borde stävjas.
Vi lär få all anledning att återkomma vid ett senare tillfälle.
Det faktum att man inte brukar spela så höga buy-ins ska knappast räcka för att stänga av en spelare. Speciellt eftersom prispengarna fortfarande är utbetalda till Jared och han står fortfarande som segrar i eventet vilket förvirrar något enormt. Antingen eller?

I vilket fall så är utvecklingen oroväckande och knappast bra för pokern. Mycket av hela 2022 kantades av fuskanklagelser i alla dess former och 2023 verkar inte börja mycket bättre.


  • Börjar bli löjligt nu när sk kända spelare skriker om fusk när de torskar mot någon okänd.. Jag nådde finalbordet i min första mtt online nånsin för länge sedan, fuskade jag då automatiskt? Är ingen bra mtt spelare alls

    2023-01-21 03:06:05
  • Helt i linje med vanlig kapitalistdemokrati, den mindre har alltid fel.

    Bo Zettare
    2023-01-06 12:45:48


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