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The “10 New Bali” Project In Indonesia

The future of tourism in Indonesia

Map of the 10 new Bali projects


Bali had dominated Indonesia’s tourism industry from as early as the 1900s when Dutch member of parliament, Herr H. Van Kol, arrived as one of its first foreign visitors. He even wrote a book about his experiences, dedicating many of its pages to the province.

However, it isn’t Bali’s unique charm alone that has made tourism in Indonesia a hit. Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo set clear benchmarks for the development of tourism, by designing and implementing a strategic and coordinated government plan and effort, coupled with relaxing visa and business restrictions. Since 2016, citizens from up to 169 countries could now enjoy free travel to the nation.

With this in place, the aim to drive growth in tourism was set in motion. At the same time, with the end of visa restriction and a weakened rupiah, Widodo’s goal to attract 20 million tourists by 2019 is not too far off the horizon.

The 10 new Bali project

Tourism figures for 2018 stood at 15.8 million, a 13 percent increase on the previous year.

The intended knock-on effect is continued growth, rapid expansion and economic investment, leading to the creation of thousands of new jobs.

Indonesia’s renewed tourism boom shows that Jokowi’s 5-year-plan is swiftly taking effect, making the nation a suitable place for current investment.

The stunning archipelago might have once been known for exporting exotic spices, as well as myriad natural resources such as oil and gas, copper, tin, precious metals such as gold; and plywood, rubber and textiles. However, one of its main assets by far is its unique unspoiled physical geography. It is a land peppered by its signature volcanos, lush forests, mountain ranges, unique flora and fauna and a rich cultural diversity shown in its plethora of indigenous architectural styles seen across the territory.

Heard in the utterance of different languages of its citizens, Indonesia lives up to its motto, which is “Unity in Diversity.” A large part of its potential and success is how the government actively promotes a sense of binding inter-cultural cooperation between its citizens and permits religious freedom. By officially recognising six religions—Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Confucianism—people peacefully coexist, weaving their unique elements into the luxurious fabric of everyday life.

It is land of stories that have traversed the test of time—from ancient kingdoms and dynasties—to its more recent history of modern European colonial traders such as the Portuguese, the Spanish and the Dutch.  The most important story is the next one to be written.

The Blank Canvas

The blank canvas, from which citizens, the government, investors, tourists and locals alike will co-author a vision – is likely to become the blueprint from which a future of tremendous economic advancement and opportunity will take place.

10 new bali project

source: 10 New Bali's Project


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